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July 12th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Opinion

On July the 10 th I have posted on Terry Tao 's webpage page my result on the three primes theorem. A few hours later Gergely Harcos from the Alfred Renyi institute pointed out that my result already existed. It was proved by Paul Erdos and Paul Turan in 1948. Here is the link of this remarkable paper, particularly inequalities (7).


When I published this theorem as mine in my website I was not aware that these great mathematicians had preceded me. But you may judge my good faith based on the fact that my proof is far simpler and is based on an entirely different construction.


As always I 'm not trying to compare myself with these great mathematicians by saying that my proof is simpler and based on an entirely different construction.


Thanks once again to Gergely Harcos.


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